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H007 EMF Ben Linus CABGA 10859BB

Ben’s first kids for us are on the ground and showing tremendous fleece improvement over their dams. They are well made with correct hooves and legs. The second fleeces look very nice, consistent from front to back in style. His daughters are testing in the 25u to 23u range. This is good for Angora goats, very fine, weatable mohair. They are winning in the fleece shows with Falena winning Division Champion and his wether kids winning champions too as well as one son winning Champion Buck at the 2015 California State Fair. Ben is holding well with his soft fleece, he has the loose, soft skin desirable in an Angora goat. I have spun his last fleece and it is still wearable, and will be made into a shawl. Ben produces color on all colors with black predominent, light belly, clear white with blue eyes and one pinto faded, the only faded he produced, depending on the does color. His first kids from red or brown does are either bright copper red or very deep chocolate brown. He dilutes on white or faded does, though the color doesn’t fade. (His micron is 29.7u).   ~ Barbara Fiorica


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