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Polaris is especially long in the loin, with open ribbing and flatness of bone.  His rump is remarkably long from hips to pins, level and flat from thurl to thurl. He is straight in the foreleg and has correct angulation to the rear leg, with strong pasterns all around. His dam was 5th place Five Year-Old at the 1998 ADGA National Show. His sire, sired the 1st place Junior Get-Of-Sire and the 9th place Two Year-Old at the 2002 ADGA National Show. His littermate sister, Hill’s Acres GXY Cassiopeia, was the 1st place Junior Yearling and a member of the 1st place Junior Get-Of-Sire at the same 2002 ADGA National Show. She has now freshened and has a well attached, fancy udder. Since Polaris is the product of a very tight line breeding, he has proven to be genetically prepotent and homozygous.

He has been to only one show, two rings, and was first place and Junior Champion in both.  He has been used quite heavily in the Hill’s Acres herd and used by a number of other herds, both live and through AI. His kids are very distinctive and consistent throughout the variety of gene pools in which he has been used. Having the advantage of seeing a number of offspring, provides us a unique opportunity to see the “type” he is producing at a young age. A good majority of the kids are spotted, all are long, level, with good width between the hocks. Many have improved breed character and a lengthening of the bone pattern when compared to their dams.

His first freshening daughter, Reuel PLRS Luana 9*M, is being shown successfully as a yearling milker placing 3x1st, 2x2nd and 1x3rd in 2004. ~ Teresa Wade


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