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T192 Evie’s Toggs NS Storm Watch ADGA #T1420210

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Storm Watch, affectionately called *Elvis*, offers the Toggenburg breed a tremendous opportunity for consistent offspring who preform well in the show ring, at classification, and in the milk parlor. His offspring have been making waves throughout the west coast for nearly 7 years. He has proven time and time again to improve the mammary systems of even the best Toggenburg doe’s he has been used over, with particularly outstanding in teat size, shape, and placement on the udder floor. Daughters have demonstrated improved size and scale, flatness of bone and angularity throughout, length and dairy strength of bone, excellent breed character, and have demonstrated their ability to be productive and sound while aging beautifully.

2012 was a particularly exciting year for *Elvis* as he was named the Premier Sire at the ADGA National Show in Loveland
Colorado, with 2nd place Senior Get of Sire (comprised of 2 milking yearlings and 1 two year old!), and 3rd place Junior Get of
Sire (comprised of the 2nd, 3rd, and 7th place senior kids). His littermate sister; GCH Evie’s Toggs NS Sage 3*M (2007 ADGA
Nationals 2nd place intermediate kid and 2012 ADGA Nationals 9th 6yr old) teamed up with maternal sister; GCH Evie’s Toggs
ETST Sweetie Pie 3*M (2012 ADGA National 5th place 4 year old, LA 4-03 91 VEEE, and 1-10 269 2110 3.6% 77 2.9% 61) to
earn 2012 ADGA National 2nd place Produce of Dam. He also sired 2012 Colorama Sale Consignment; Evie’s Toggs Storm’s
Tiff (3rd/3rd udder milking yearling, littermate sister; Teela was 1st/2nd udder), purchased by Cherry Glen Dairy Goats. More
recently, at the highly competitive 2014 District VII Toggenburg Specialty, many more beautiful milking daughters easily earned him 1st place Senior get of sire. Purebred Elvis offers the entire Toggenburg breed a well mannered and well proven buck who will have tremendous positive impact.


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