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X002 REF TEX 15TXG137REF50

X002 REF TEX 15TXG137REF50

If you are seeking an extremely healthy, fast growing and problem free goat, a Texas Genemaster can help you achieve your goal. A Texas Genemaster has the body size and muscle mass of the boer goat, along with the remarkable mothering, disease and parasite resistance, strong hooves and heartiness of the kiko. A Texas Genemaster is 5/8 boer and 3/8 kiko. 

REF Tex offers all of this without sacrificing the traits of a great boer show goat. He offers solid black pigment, an incredibly long twist, strong pasterns, excellent topline and tail set, along with flashy paint markings. If you want horns, no worries, REF Tex is disbudded.

REF Tex’s pedigree contains Ennobled boer goats including; CNR Pistolero, FSE 9130 Passion, ABR Beauty, EGGSfile and MAUL 284 Painted Warrior. His kiko pedigree comes from Goats Unlimited stock. He is AKGA registered, DNA genotyped and tested CL, CAE and Johnes negative. Tex is a yearling buck, so he still has plenty of growing to do.   ~ Rhonda Elliott