M-905 Carry case for M902 Compound binocular microscope (Out of Stock)



SKU: M905 Carry Case Compound Bin.

Product Description

With our Monocular Microscope (M-900) 360º rotatable head, locked-on widefield 10x eyepiece and pointer you can examine your specimens at 40x, 100x and 400xR. The superior DIN retractable achromatic objectives are color-coded, parcentered and parfocalled enabling you to not only examine semen cell motility, but perform many tasks such as fecal analysis for coccidiosis, worm and parasite levels. The built-in 20 watt tungsten light generates just enough heat to warm cells and generate active motility. The coarse and fine focusing controls, blue filter and precision mechanical components assure alignment for sharp, unsurpassed viewing at an economical price. The large mechanical stage means no more trying to push a slide around with your finger while trying to get an accurate fecal egg count during fecal analysis. This ruggedly constructed scope is cast with a metal frame, stain resistant enamel finish, calibrated five-hole disc aperture diaphragm, built-in 0.65ND condenser lens and slip clutch to prevent damage to the focusing mechanism. Complete with a lifetime limited warranty, excluding bulb, cord and fuse.


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