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A.I. Clinics





BIO-Genics, LLC offers a two day, on-location, clinic for the instruction of correct caprine artificial insemination technique. This class is basic enough in its format for the new herdsman, and yet offers technical and practical applications for the veterinarian. AI clinics are taught all over the United States “on-location” at individual farms, Universities and club sponsored events. A complete instruction on the Artificial Insemination of goats is what can be expected when participating in a BIO-Genics, LLC clinic.

The clinic is conducted in an open forum format to allow all participant’s questions to be addressed. In an effort to insure maximum quality of instruction and plenty of one-on-one training, each clinic is limited to just fourteen participants.

Your first day is spent in a classroom environment learning:

  • The effects of management, stress and environmental influences on AI success
  • Proper feed, care and management of AI candidates and semen donors
  • An overview of semen abnormalities and stress related conditions of cells and their affects on viability
  • Basic instruction on the doe’s hormonal processes during estrus and the hormonal effects causing the condition of “rut” in the buck
  • Basic anatomy of both the female and male caprine reproductive tract and how fertilization occurs
  • The selection of appropriate AI candidates
  • Effective record keeping
  • Proper storage and thawing techniques of frozen semen
  • Available AI equipment, its proper care and suggested use
  • hands on training in the operation and practical applications of AI tools and equipment

The second day all attendees must provide their own A.I. Equipment for use during the class and a doe, in heat, for insemination and effective hands-on training.  During this session, the application of techniques learned in day one of the clinic will be put into action.

Our office will be glad to assist you with the selection of your AI equipment, supplies, and/or semen for use during the class. All purchases should be ordered well in advance of attending the class to insure timely delivery. Please telephone our office at (208) 756-6500 to place your order and for suggestions on how to bring your doe into season for optimum fertility during the hands-on portion of the class.  Attendee’s are expected to have these items for class.

Some of our satisfied clinic hosts and participants include:

    1. USA Domestic Classes
      1. Lincoln University, Missouri
      2. University Of Maryland Eastern Shore, Maryland
      3. Marion County Extension Service, Kentucky
      4. Walworth County Goat Association, Wisconsin
      5. Stateline County Goat Association, Wisconsin
      6. Butler County Meat Goat Association, Ohio
      7. Northwest All Breed Goat Club, Washington
      8. The Grove School, California
      9. Delaware State University, Delaware
      10. Tennessee State University, Tennessee
      11. California State University, Chico
      12. University of Wisconsin-Madison
      13. Department of Agriculture, Cayman Islands
      14. University of Wisconsin, Kewaunee County
    2. International Classes
      1. Debub University, Awassa Ethiopia
      2. Alemaya University, Dire Dawa Ethiopia

Class Time: 9am to 6pm  each day

Advance Booking Deposit: $200 (Non-Refundable) Applied to Total Clinic Cost

Option 1: 10 (Ten) or fewer participants $950 Total cost for up to 10 participants

Option 2: 11 – 14 participants $1,250 Total Cost for up to 14 participants

NOTE: Travel costs and related expenses for the Bio-Genics staff is an added cost as well as the recommended AI kit and semen costs.

Please telephone our office at (208) 756-6500 with any questions you may have on hosting a clinic or contact one of these Hosts to attend an already booked class: