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Artificial insemination is a powerful tool that can allow you, as a breeder, the flexibility to increase the rate of genetic improvement in your herd. Although A.I. is a great tool, it requires proper technique and attention to detail for a high level of success. With good heat detection, records, and proper semen handling, Bio-Genics' quality semen will enable you to be a consistent A.I. Technician with a high level of success.

We want to thank you, our customers, for your commitment, loyalty and support. We appreciate your purchasing semen and supplies, as well as using the services we offer. If you should have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience. 

The decision to market your buck should be based on that of his pedigree and progeny. Ideally, linear appraisal scores and PTI’s should be well above average. His dam and daughters’ milk records should also play a part in your decision to list your buck. Any buck can be listed; however, only bucks with exceptional qualities will be in demand.
BIO-Genics, LTD’s primary focus is in creating a Sire Directory that is easily read; with accurate, current information that allows the buyer to make informed choices. Because this type of format requires consistency in its layout, we greatly appreciate your efforts to provide as much material as possible for your buck’s representation, in an organized fashion. You should be prepared with photocopies of sufficient documentation to validate the animal’s achievements, this includes any achievements of supporting relatives. All supporting documentation i.e., linear appraisal scores, milk records, registration papers, performance pedigree’s, DNA typing, health testing, etc. should be provided by way of two photocopies of the official, original document. Only information provided via photocopies of originals will be included as “verified data”, all other unverified information should be included in the paragraph you author.
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