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Marketing your buck

The decision to market your buck should be based on that of his pedigree and progeny. Ideally, linear appraisal scores and PTI’s should be well above average. His dam and daughters’ milk records should also play a part in your decision to list your buck. Any buck can be listed; however, only bucks with exceptional qualities will be in demand.

BIO-Genics, LLC’s primary focus is in creating a Sire Directory that is easily read; with accurate, current information that allows the buyer to make informed choices. Because this type of format requires consistency in its layout, we greatly appreciate your efforts to provide as much material as possible for your buck’s representation, in an organized fashion. You should be prepared with photocopies of sufficient documentation to validate the animal’s achievements, this includes any achievements of supporting relatives. All supporting documentation i.e., linear appraisal scores, milk records, registration papers, performance pedigree’s, DNA typing, health testing, etc. should be provided by way of two photocopies of the official, original document. Only information provided via photocopies of originals will be included as “verified data”, all other unverified information should be included in the paragraph you author.

PHOTO~ Because ultimately pictures sell, the better the quality of the image, the better your semen will sell. All images need to be of fitted and clipped animals, uddered (if in milk), and set up for the best possible visual presentation. We recommend that you send original photographs (professionally printed, not printed on a desktop computer) or digital images. Images must be of full size and uncropped to allow for our catalog’s formatting. Please save your images in the highest quality .jpeg file possible or as an uncompressed .tiff file. They must also be large in size and have a resolution of 300+ dpi; 72 dpi images are very poor in quality and do not reproduce well in our catalog. Images should be at least 640 X 480 pixels and be provided on USB. If sending digital copies of your bucks a USB will be required. If you do not have a USB we can send you one to use. Please email Elise at to have a USB sent to you. Please create a separate folder for each buck. All paragraph descriptions will be required to be in Microsoft Word format. Each picture should be renamed with the relation to the buck and the name of the animal. Example: 2020 daughter- CMF Annie’s Penelope Example: Buck- Naughty Goat Acres Oakie NOTE: IF YOU ARE USING PICTURES FROM OTHER FARMS YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING SURE YOU HAVE PERMISSION TO USE THEM. IF PICTURES ARE SENT TO US WE ASSUME THAT YOU HAVE PERMISSION FROM THE ANIMALS OWNER.  Do not crop, resize or enhance the images, in any way. Each photo must be provided in duplicate (two copies), be clearly marked with your name and return address as well as the name of the buck the images pertain to. Each supporting animal’s image must also be printed out and provided, clearly identifying the animal’s full, registered name (including any CH, *M or Ennobled designation) and the animal’s relation to the buck. Properly identified photographs will be returned following the release of the intended catalog and/or BIO-Page production.

PEDIGREE~ Two photocopies of both the consignment’s 4-Generation Performance Pedigree and Registration Paper must be provided with two copies of a completed BIO-Listing application.

PARAGRAPH~ Two copies of your short summary of information about the buck must be provided at the time of listing. If too lengthy, this may be edited by our staff, as space is limited. If he is a proven buck, a brief description of what can be expected of his offspring is helpful. Does he have any progeny or immediate relatives with National Show Placings or Titles? All-American Placings? Immediate relatives that are Top-Ten Breed Leaders? Any information that makes your consignment a buck worth considering, should be included here.

Mail Order Sire Directory – $105.00 Listing Fee ~ Our Sire Directory is available at no charge and is mailed to all BIO-Genics, LLC customers, as well as any who request it. In addition, it is freely available at several National Shows and Conventions. The catalog format accommodates up to two, quality photos. It is suggested that one be of the buck himself, and the other be of an immediate family relative such as the dam, daughter or sister.

On-Line BIO-Page – $36.00 Listing Fee/$25.00 Renewal Fee ~ Our on-line shopping website includes many added details and information not available in our mail order Sire Directory. Buyers have the added convenience of shopping on-line, and can see the available sires in full color, with several supporting color photos of relatives. An individual web page will be created for your buck and posted on our website. In his BIO-Page format you are allowed one quality photo of the buck, and six supporting quality photos of three different relatives. You may provide both a profile, and a rear udder view or head profile, for each of the three additional representatives. Again, the dam, daughters and sisters are recommended. Only bucks appearing in our printed Sire Directory will be allowed a web page on the BIO-Genics, LTD on-line shopping website. The only exception to this rule is: If your buck has a BIO-Page and has been listed in the BIO-Genics, LLC Sire Directory for three consecutive years or is unable to meet the 30 straw minimum fee for re-listing, he may continue to be listed via the BIO-Genics, LLC website for an annual $25 fee until all inventory in depleted. Only color images can be accepted for BIO-Page use.

BIO-Pages will be updated twice per year; once in August and again shortly after the Fall Collection Tour. Photocopies of new records and other information that you would like added to your consignment’s BIO-Page can be forwarded to the BIO-Genics, LLC office at any time. Once your consignment’s BIO-Page has been added to our website, you will receive an e:mail confirmation. We would appreciate you taking a moment to proof the BIO-Page for accuracy within five days of its release and posting to the website.

Per Cane Storage – $6.50 Fee ~ This affords the cost of liquid nitrogen for the storage of your semen for one year. To preserve the high viability of your semen only one buck to a cane is allowed.

30 Straw Minimum ~ To insure product availability, a minimum of 30 straws must be consigned to list your buck in our mail order Sire Directory. Straws are sold in any quantity.

Exclusivity ~ Due to the vast degree of our marketing program and its value to the consignor, we require exclusive rights to the marketing and sale of semen of all bucks listed with BIO-Genics, LLC. The only exception to this policy is the consignor, who may market the semen personally, but only at the same price as it is available through BIO-Genics, LLC.

Listing Duration ~ All semen listed will remain in BIO-Genics, LLC inventory until the release of the following year’s catalog.

Commission Checks ~ Checks are issued twice a year; by April 30th and by October 31st. All commissions are paid on a 70%/30% split. The consignor determines the selling price of the product and receives 70% of that price, BIO-Genics, LLC receives 30%. Each commission check will be accompanied by a complete report of what product is currently on inventory, how much has been sold, who it was sold to, and of course the commission due with full payment.

At the close of each calendar year all consignors who have sold inventory receive a report of their total remaining inventory, and a billing for listing and storage fees due for the upcoming year. Each consignor is allowed 20-days from the date of the report to pay the fees due to relist the buck, or notify the office in writing of the method of delivery they choose; via National Shows, Convention, on location, or the return shipping of the semen at the consignor’s pre-paid expense. Each consignor will be billed and notified only once. If written instructions are not received specifying delivery arrangements, the expired inventory will become the property of BIO-Genics, LLC.

To assure only the highest quality product is available to our customers, we only market semen that has been collected and processed by BIO-Genics, LLC and has been in our possession at all times. Straws cannot be accepted for market once they have been transferred to you. If we sell out of the product on inventory, the buck must be recollected. 

We encourage you to book your collection early. Several of our “Host Herds” book their stop the year prior, which quickly fills our calendar. Because we schedule our tour dates well in advance of our visit, it is requested that if you wish to book or cancel a stop that you notify the office no later than May 15th.

To complete the fillable Listing Application for your buck, please CLICK HERE.