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Nitrogen Tanks

MVE Nitrogen Tanks

BIO-Genics, LLC offers a complete line of MVE cryogenic storage tanks.  Due to the wide variety of available models and sizes, we have shown here only the most popular styles. If the model you are interested in is not listed, please email or call our office for a complete description, and all details. All tanks are 15% off the list price and include a free LN2 Measure Stick (M-600) as well as an Inventory Book complete with six BIO-Tank Inventory (B-307) “Working Records” , one for each canister.

ModelWorking Days/Months*Neck Size# of .5 cc  Straws# CanistersLN2 LitersWeight Full (lb.)2022 List Price
SIG XC 20142/4.52.16540620.5062.40Call for our pricing
SC 35/24224/7.42.18660636.5097.00Call for our pricing
XC 34/18123/43.502,100634.8096.00Call for our pricing
XC 47/11 – 676/2.55.003,900647.40120.40Call for our pricing
PSCProtective shipping container for SC/4V and 4/3VCall for our pricing
SC 4/2V* w/Al Cert.13/.52.7528013.6020.00Call for our pricing
SC 4/3V* w/Al Cert.21/.72.0012014.3021.00Call for our pricing
DOBLE 2021v 116/42.18660618.5056.00Call for our pricing
DOBLE 3420v 100/33.502,100632.0092.00Call for our pricing
*NOTE!  Vapor Shipper series require MVE’s “Aluminum Products Quality Certificate” which is $194.00.  This is included in the prices above.
Aluminum Tank Test Certificate list $ is 194.00, item # 20582341   
M600MVE Measuring stick    $       10.00
V001MVE Vacuum cap plug    $         4.00