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Product For International Support

BIO-Genics, LLC was the first USDA Approved/Isolation Facility and Collection Center in the United States specializing in caprines. This created a much needed avenue for our international customers, previously not available. All sires available through the export program are genetically superior bucks who have undergone rigorous health examinations and screening before ever being admitted to our facility. An entire menu of testing has been performed on each of the sires to insure that your Agricultural Department’s import requirements are met.

Sire’s available for export are indicated throughout this directory by use of the spinning globe designation which appears in the upper right of the opening screen.

Any animal who has been tested and approved for international shipment is listed as such. If you do not see this symbol appear, then that particular sire is only available for domestic sale within the United States.

To receive confirmation that specific animals are available who meet your government’s import regulations, please e-mail BIO-Genics, LLC at with a translated English version of your countries most recent import regulations for caprine semen. It is helpful to also include in your e-mail the number of straws desired for each sire and his corresponding Index number as it appears in this Directory. This will enable us to verify that we have adequate inventory on each animal to fill your order. Our office staff will then research each individual sire’s testing protocols and notify you of our ability to meet your needs.

BIO-Genics, LTD has successfully exported caprine semen to a growing list of countries, which currently include:

Republic of Sierra Leone

El Salvador

BIO-Genics, LLC requires that payment be made in full prior to the release and shipment of any product or merchandise. Payment can be made in US funds by bank wire. Please contact our office for more information on specific international payment instructions.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to verify that all testing requirements for import to his/her country are made available to BIO-Genics, LLC within five business days of the scheduled shipment release date. This requirement protects both the purchaser and BIO-Genics, LLC from refused shipments at your countries port of entry. No refunds will be made for shipped product denied entry due to international regulations not being met that BIO-Genics, LLC was not made aware of by the purchaser within this five day period. Of course, BIO-Genics, LLC will do everything within our power to insure that all regulations are met as per the country of imports requirements. However, we cannot be responsible for insuring suitable testing has been performed and documents adequately completed if we are not properly informed of the importing countries regulatory requirements.

We want to thank you for your interest in our International Export Program. We will make every effort in our work with you to insure that your order arrives at your destination safely. If you should have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience at 001-208-756-6500 or e-mail us at