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D151 Wee 3 Farms HC Debonair D1940314

D151 Wee 3 Farms HC Debonair

D151 – Pedigree Link

Debonair is a little dreamy with knowing that his littermater sister, Wee3Farms HC Impatiants, was a 2018 ADGA Spotlight Sale doeling. Both of his littermate sisters earned dry legs being junior grand champion. His dam, SGCH Wee3Farms MT Tansy 5*M 3-00 90 (EVEE), was an Elite doe in 2018, a 4th generation Superior Genetics doe, and has a show record of 7xGrand Champion and 7xBest-Of-Breed. Tansy is a powerhouse doe who had a big showing in 2018 with her first Best Senior Doe-In-Show win. Debonair comes from a long line of strong goats, with 15 out of 16 animals in his 4-generation pedigree have milk stars, incredible show records, linear appraisal scores and more. ~ Shawn Reeder