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M018 Echo Hill’s Bonanza AMN02575

M018 Echo Hill’s Bonanza

Bonanza is a Generation 5 American, 51.67%/48.33% buck who was nicely proven in the Daystar’s herd before joining my herd where he continues to produce beautiful daughters with lovely, capacious, milky udders, excellent confirmation and great breed character. He generally brings down height, while adding width and dairiness with good toplines, and very nice udders with beautiful fores, nice teats, and improved rear attachments. He hits the sweet spot at almost 50-50, bringing down larger does while still small enough to use on smaller does.

His dam, Echo Hill’s I-B Bonnie 2, is from Echo Hill’s Patches lines, an excellent milker for such a small doe, producing a gallon of colostrum as an 8 year old, per Dannette Hackman. His first daughter in my herd, (I bought her dam with a breeding before going back to buy her sire) Daystar’s EHB Cynthia’s Sweet Spirit, won Grand Champion, Best Udder of Breed, and Best In Show in her first V-show as a first freshener, and another daughter in the Daystar’s herd, Daystars Easter Blossom (now at Echo Hill’s) won Grand Champion in 2015. His offspring typically have gentle, quiet, friendly personalities.