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S261 *B Willow-lane Villian AS1702076

S261 *B Willow-lane Villian AS1702076

S261 – Pedigree Link

Villian is a combination of one of our most productive does, SG Willow-Lane Villanova 6*M 5-02 91 (EEEE) and 305 lactation of 3920 lbs., crossed with one of the most productive bucks we have ever owned, SG +*B Companeros Stand Out Clyde 5-06 90 (EEE). Clyde has continually ranked in the top 16% of the sire summary, (84-98 percentile, currently at 85th percentile) and produced multiple excellent daughters both in show qualities and ALWAYS in Milk. When Clyde passed I looked through his last kids to find a “Clyde replacement” and decided on Villian. Villian’s oldest daughter, Willow-Lane CA Lusinda, is large, correct and productive like you would expect from Villian. I would use Villian to improve size, scale, production and front end assembly.  ~ Daniel Drake, DVM