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This innovative product combines advanced professional grade microscope features with an easy to use point and shoot camera. It replaces traditional eyepieces with a 3.5″ LCD Screen for easy and comfortable viewing and also features a built-in digital camera for quick and easy snapshots or short videos. Once you’ve adjusted your specimen using the 3.5″ x 3.5″ mechanical stage and set up a perfect shot, the built in 2 Mega Pixel digital camera will help you take a vibrant, high resolution photo of what you see on the screen. The unit can store captured photos and clips with its internal 512MB memory, a SD card or transfer them to your personal computer via the included USB cable. When a picture is just not enough, the LCD Digital Microscope allows you to record short videos of the microscopic action.


The LCD Digital Microscopes three objective lenses provide 40x, 100x, and 400x optical magnification levels, combine that with the 4x digital zoom (which acts like a regular 10x eyepiece) you can view objects up to 1600 times their original size. This unit comes with an AC adaptor to power the microscope, its own padded carrying case and is also equipped with both top and bottom LED illumination, brightness controls, six sample specimen slides and a six position color filter wheel that lets you get a bright and clear view of your specimen in any lighting condition.