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F901 Deluxe Fecal Kit

As parasites continue to develop stronger resistance to available methods of treatment, the producer must work harder to identify who is needing treatment and to what degree. This easy to use, diagnostic kit provides the tools necessary to both identify and assess your herd’s parasite load and type of infection. Save money by identifying before you treat, and treat with what will be effective. This kit helps you collect data you need o make those important choices.

The Deluxe Kit includes: LCD Digital Microscope (M-906), McMaster Slide (S-905), Microscope Slides (S-903), Cover Slips (C-903), Digital Scale (S-900), Stainless Steel Strainer (F-911), Fecal Float Solution for the most accurate analysis, Solution/Measuring Beaker, Drop Dispenser, 35cc Syringe, six Specimen Slides with Case, Carry Case, Surface Mat, Sample Mixing Sticks, Mixing Vials,  and complete easy to understand instructions.