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KBH703D Bio-AI Kit Hi-Bred gun and digital thermometer

Whichever version of BIO-Complete AI Kit you decide on it will come complete with everything you need to successfully perform artificial insemination procedures as they specifically apply to the goat.  The BIO-Complete AI Kit is the only heated kit on the market, and includes our exclusive BIO-Thaw Unit.  All BIO-Kits come with our BIO-Case, BIO-Warming Pad,G-203 Bio Hi-bred one package of blue sheaths to match our gun, a Bio-Speculum (BS200), speculum brush, pair of tweezers, straw cutter, lubricant, your BIO-Thaw unit complete with T502 Digital Thawing Thermometer cleaning swabs, AI Instruction Booklet B303,  BIO-Insemination Reports B306 6pk, and the NEW BIO-Light BR100 for your light source

Note: The heating pad in the kits are AC Powered and would need a converter to work in countries other then USA and Canada.