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BIO S275 Talache’s Hafgrim AS1932868

Hafgrim has been a welcome addition to our herd. His dam Hadar is truly amazing, extremely productive, stylish and beautiful. Hafgrim excels in general appearance and correctness of feet and legs. His daughters show improved top lines, wider rear leg sets and rumps than their dams, excellent feet, legs, and front ends. His daughters are freshening with beautiful mammary systems that have improved area of udder attachment as well as longer, smoother fore udders and higher, wider rear udders than their dams.

Pictures courtesy of Talache Dairy Goats and Cisco Saanens.

Dam: SGCH Talache’s Hadar 7*M 4-05 92 EEEE, 2nd Place 4 yr old 2019 ADGA National Show

1-01 305 1640 Fat 41 Protein 47
2-02 245 3856 Fat 131 Protein 109

3-02 305 5750 Fat 228 Protein 169
4-02 273 5560 Fat 189 Protein 165
5-02 305 6290 Fat 222 Protein 174


       SS: ++*B GCH Sartyr Fox Tripoli  03-04 90 VEE

Sire: +*B Cisco SFT Chard Gandolf

       SD: SGCH Cisco Mango Chard 1*M 03-05 93 EEEE


       DS:  +*B SG Noble-Springs Dace 04-04 91 EEE

Dam: SGCH Talache’s Hadar 7*M 4-05 92 EEEE

       DD: SG Talache’s Hosanna 6*M 06-03 90 VEEE