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BIO T270 Legendairy RHBT Ring Leader T001940851

*B Legendairy RHBT Ring Leader

T1940851  Alpha S1 Casein “A” carrier

Ringleader was an anxiously awaited addition. We were looking for good buck that would increase production and components. What we got was a “Great” buck.  He not only increases components and daily production. His daughters milk a nice flat lactation curve and handle extended lactations with ease. He consistently improves length of bone, and correctness of feet and legs. His daughters have beautiful long necks, long uphill toplines, and capacious well attached mammary systems. We can hardly wait to get some of these girls into the showring. Until then they will continue to be

hard working girls that are a joy to look at every day in the parlor.   If you love making cheese and showing beautiful productive does Ringleader is the buck to use.  All Pictures courtesy of Legendairy Toggenburgs

Dam: SGCH Legendairy Chip’s Rhubiayat 3*M 6-06 EX 93 EEEE, 2018 ADGA National Champion, Best Udder, Total Performer

2-11 297 3,341 132 (4.0%) 113 (3.4%)
3-10 305 3928 173 (4.4%) 130 (3.3%)
3-10 342 4018 179 (4.5%) 134 (3.3%)
4-11 285 3800   142 (3.7%)  123 (3.2%)

         SS: Kbarc Rick’s Evening Ranger

 Sire: Legendairy RHM Rhiptide

         SD: GCH Legendairy Sausy Rhomance 2*M 5-05 EX 92 EEEE

         DS: +B Kbarc Zim’s Chippewa

 Dam: SGCH Legendairy Chip’s Rhubiayat 3*M 6-06 EX 93 EEEE, 2018 ADGA Nat CH

         DD: SGCH Legendairy Starbuck Rhumba 2*M  6-06 EX 92 EEEE